We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in supporting needs of small and medium size companies.  If you are looking to address the challenges of growing your business, introduce new products and services, adopt innovative proven technologies, overcome market obstacles and outfox competitors, then let's talk.  We know how to listen, we ask the right questions, and we are pretty sure both of us will learn something important from the stories we share.


Patrick Rooney
Lead Principal Consultant

Senior Financial and Operations Executive working with start-ups and mid-stage firms in defense, electronics, software development/systems integration, education, manufacturing, multimedia distribution, information security and health-care.  Proven track record in building and leading high performance teams.


Specialties: Financial reporting, raising Capital, government and commercial contracting, human resources, international tax planning, strategic planning, intellectual property, legal and risk management, and technology planning.

Andrew Eisenberg
Principal Consultant

Andrew is a multidisciplinary business leader who has accumulated over three decades of successful experiences with both mature and early stage companies. He has built his career solving problems and scaling businesses in the health and wellness, technology, product & entertainment markets. His expertise includes: early market entry development strategies, strategic and tactical planning and partnership alliance development and implementation.