Coastal CxO Services is a consortium of highly capable finance, operations, marketing, engineering, technology and design experts. We make every effort to deliver the best results at the highest value to our clients in a suitable time frame.


Above all, we value honesty, integrity and the quality of our relationships. Our team is willing to prove its value to you through innovative success based fee arrangements.  We are not shy to tell you if your business idea or model is not feasible, your timeline is unrealistic or your budget is ill conceived.


Because we share in  the success or failure of our customer projects, we seek working relationships built on complete honesty and frankness.  Contact us today for a refreshing customer experience.


Eric Prochaska

Senior Technical and Operations Executive providing product development expertise, cost estimating, contract negotiations, technical writing and proposal preparation services to firms in defense, electronics, software development/systems integration, manufacturing, information security and health-care information technology.

Matthew Soroka

Strategist and Marketing Professional with an extensive experience in all aspects of advertising and marketing, technology, networking and analysis. Proven leader and strategist for business, marketing and technology. Consultant on integrated marketing, including online and offline marketing,

Specialties: marketing, advertising, technology, database management and data mining, healthcare marketing and technology, outsourcing, logistics, campaign management, design and art director, strategy, real estate, investments